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what’s wrong w/ this wet dog??

 when she said speak I was expecting like a cute bark not a garbage disposal


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Boys who wear glasses can f me


lets go get this pussy

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i didnt ask a question because i was too busy thinking how troll u were and now i forgot my question
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u dun fucked up anon

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Great analysis video, Kainy. Definitely learned a lot from it about that last teamfight.
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thanks friend <3

i’ll have another one up tomorrow :D

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aight we back boys

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why did you click ask or submit on my page and then not ask or submit anything except say that it redirects


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when playing lucian, are there certain times when i should be starting botrk - youmus - ie .. or youmus to ie , and lastly ie into youmus?
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botrk->ghostblade->ie is mostly for fun but it can be optimal vs teams that have a ton of dive since botrk helps you survive

ie->ghostblade/shiv->bt->ie is usually best

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kinda troll when u click Ask or submit stuff it goes to fking kainypoo instead of kainyboo
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maybe i’ll just say fuck it and change back to kainypoo then

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well i was pissed off today so i decided to work on a video to calm myself down instead of doing homework :’) SO.. NEW VIDEO TOMORROW

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babyoaky replied to your post: got my spooby name on

It looks more like a pet name your gf would give you LOL

my girlfriends call me daddy